View Seoul’s spectacular skyline by day or by night on a river cruiseThe easiest way to take in all of Seoul’s skyline without climbing a mountain is to hop on a Han River Ferry Cruise right at Yeouinaru Port. Skip the themed dinner cruises and opt instead for the sweet and simple river tour (30 minute and 70 minute options). Don’t be alarmed by the red Christmas lights forming a heart-shaped tunnel up the gangplank. Once onboard, you’ll find young families, travelers and grandparents in addition to youthful lovebirds. Get a seat on the top deck for a breath of fresh air. Daytime cruises give you the chance to see birds on the river’s islands, though nighttime offers the most dramatic views. We recommend the 30-minute cruise that sets off at 7:30pm. For Yeouinaru Station you only need to head around the corner; it’s literally on your doorstep. From Gukjegeumyung-ro, take a left into Yeoeuido-dong and walk out to the water. The port nestles on the river, near the Mapo bridge.​HAN RIVER FERRY CRUISE: Yeouinaru Dock, 5 min from Yeouinaru Station, exit 3; 82-(0)2-3271-6900;