From sharks to frogs, and rainforests to oceans, discover a world of creatures at an incredible aquariumIf inclement weather calls for an indoor activity, you don’t even have to leave the subway:  you can reach the COEX Aquarium straight from Samseong Station (Line 2). The aquarium showcases over 40,000 sea creatures, spread across diverse ecosystems including rainforests, swamps, and the deep ocean. At the kid’s area, little ones can interact with frogs and sea anemones. Not to be missed: the shark tunnel, a glass-encased tunnel where you can get up close and personal with the predators. And if one parent needs downtime, there is plenty of shopping opportunities at the COEX complex. A word to the wise: avoid Samseong Station (and the entire southern side of Line 2) during rush hours at all costs. (There’s a nickname for the subway at this hour, and it’s a play on the Korean word for “hell.”) Home of Asia’s best nightclubs, the province of Samseong-dong is also known for its renowned restaurants and malls. This includes the COEX Mall, which is actually the world’s largest underground shopping center. From Samseong, follow the directions to the aquarium and you’ll soon be in a watery wonderland.COEX AQUARIUM: 513, Yeondongdae-ro, Gangnam-gu; 82-(0)2-6002-6200; coexaqua.com